UIB (DIFC) Ltd. was the first fully licensed and operational insurance Broker to be established in the renowned Dubai International Financial Centre.

Numerous companies who were clients when we originally formed in the UAE remain with us today and we have succeeded in meeting their ever growing needs in the fast moving business environment that we have witnessed since then.




The UIB Institute was created to provide a focused training series for our current and future clients as well as prospective business partners. Its core values are Excellence, Professionalism and Knowledge. We have a long track record of providing insurance and risk management seminars in London, Dubai, and Singapore for many of the globe’s oil and gas companies as well as other industry practitioners and, of particular relevance, a specialist Energy and Construction Seminar is hosted annually in Dubai.

The global oil and gas industry represents one of the world’s greatest concentration of risk whether from an individual accident or from a multitude of losses arising from a single incident. The energy industry has witnessed several high profile losses and violent attacks resulting in significant financial loss and operational disruption. With a wealth of relevant experience from insurance practitioners to be shared with the Institute members, our programmes offer both the commercial and technical knowledge that is required to meet the challenges posed by both this and other key sectors of the insurance industry.